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My sisters and I had our first session with Angie when one of my sisters lost the love of her life. We were skeptical and had our reservations. However, after our first session with Angie, we have never consulted with anyone else.  She was able to connect us with our loved ones. Not only did she guide us through the grieving process, but she was able to offer a lot more than that. She was aware of personal confidential things only our family knew. She is able to bring perspective and vision when you’re astray and not in your right state of mind. I want to point out that our sessions with Angie are quite emotional and often take a day to ‘recover’ but it’s totally worth it. Angie is a coach that everyone needs in life. I don’t have words to describe Angie’s talent. She is truly gifted!

Angie was perceptive, accurate and intuitive in answering my questions. Her analogies and metaphors made perfect sense. I was totally impressed with her ability to intuitively give guidance with care, compassion and consideration. I am re-booking. I’m Renewed!

Imagine a life coach who is so insightful (and practical) that in one hour she can provide you with such poignant, pertinent, challenging & catalyzing ideas about your life that you can immediately translate them into healing life changes. I’ve consulted with Angie once a year for the past 2 years and each time she helped me clarify major confusions and re-direct me. I felt immediately at ease with Angie’s positive and confident approach. Angie’s service is completely invaluable.

What an amazing gift Angie gave to me and my family. To hear with such clarity and accuracy from our beloved Mother and Sister was both elating and life altering. How comforting it is to know that they are around us and that when we talk to them, they listen. Angie is awesome, easy to be with and our meeting went at a comfortable pace. We will definitely book another meeting with Angie! Very comforting.

Angie's gifts are remarkable. She has tremendous depth in her mediumship and spiritual vision, but also an inspiring well-spring of empathy, kindness and joy which she infuses into each and every session she offers. Her work with animals is absolutely incredible. She has unearthed valuable, soul-expanding information that would have been buried and inaccessible without her help. Angie Aristone is unique and truly special in what she offers, and working with her is a blessing not to be missed. Thank you for everything Angie - we are so grateful to you!

I’ve worked with Angie for five years; she’s kicked my a$$ into gear on a number of occasions and really supported me in some serious life transitions. Her connected mind approach seriously resonates with me; she is a visionary and light filled soul. Always a pleasure to connect with her. Recommended!

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