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More than twenty years ago...

I discovered that when I wondered about someone during meditation with just the right focus, dream like images would show up in my mind. When I wondered about a deceased person and then talked to their living loved ones, I was amazed to discover that the images I was seeing consistently contained accurate information about deceased people’s lives. The images also came with messages for living loved ones, deeply personal messages that turned out to be profoundly meaningful and healing.

As a recent graduate of Western University with degrees in Physical Anthropology and Art History, I was highly skeptical but deeply curious. I kept detailed journals of every meditation and the information living loved ones validated...

​Needing answers, I sought help from Professor Imants Baruss at Western University. Imants turned out to be one of a handful of academics in the world studying human consciousness and is the author of numerous books, including Transcendent Mind, the first “post-materialist” text book on human consciousness to be published by the American Psychological Association. Some of my work with Imants has since made it into a number of his books, including the story of our my work communicating with physicist Richard Feynman.


Imants and I spent four hours going through my journals, after which he assured me I wasn’t losing my mind and there was good scientific evidence for both survival of consciousness and the validity of mediumship (Julie Beishcel’s work that can be found at, is a great resource on the subject if you’re interested). Imants invited me to discuss and demonstrate my new found abilities in some of his classes, and I’ve been doing so on and off ever since.


Spending hours dissecting the mechanics and nuances of mediumship and psychic abilities with keen academic minds over two decades, I’ve developed a very clear understanding of how psychic abilities work, where they don’t work , and how they can be best be applied. One of the key insights I gained over the years is that mediumship is just one application of a natural human ability science is just beginning to understand.

...To make sure the information I was getting was as clean as possible, I started doing readings over the phone. I discovered that my sessions were actually better in many ways over the phone, and that distance doesn’t matter. I could read someone on the other side of the world just as easily as someone sitting in front of me.

Even reading people I had never seen or met, and only knew by their first name, I could still provide detailed and accurate information about their lives and the lives of their loved ones that was impossible to explain as good guessing. I played with the idea that I was just reading living people’s minds, or picking up on dead people’s memories for awhile, but the conversations I was having with deceased people always suggested persistent consciousness, agency, and a much wiser perspective.


It became very clear to me that our deceased loved ones continue to exist without a physical body, are much happier and wiser after death, and are still very much aware of everything happening in our lives. Furthermore, they always want to stay connected with us, and help us live happier, more fulfilling lives.

I've learned that our minds are all connected through a non-local information field that shapes and coordinates everything that happens in the physical world. We can all learn, or better said, remember how to tune into the information field to understand the world and our role in it, improve our relationships, live better lives, make better decisions, and accomplish the extraordinary.


My passion over the years has shifted from understanding and exploring psychic abilities and altered states of consciousness to teaching people how to navigate their optimum states of consciousness and access their own intuition and extraordinary abilities.  The biggest challenge most people face in accessing their own intuition and psychic abilities is not a lack of understanding about how intuition and psychic abilities work, but rather, learning how to shift into states of consciousness where intuition takes over.

Once you’ve learned how to shift into an intuitive state, learning how to use your intuition is easy and natural. Over the last twenty years, researchers have made tremendous strides understanding the qualities and profound benefits of extraordinary states of consciousness, particularly in the science of flow states of consciousness, which now forms the foundation of the relatively new field of positive psychology.  


For those of you who are interested and ready, I’ve developed programs that combine my decades of experience with modern scientific research that go far deeper into the power and potential of flow than most teachers are willing to go, and provide personalized support through the transformations that living in flow inevitably brings.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science of the information field and telepathy, is a great resource. A well curated list of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles on the broader subject of Psi can be found at You can also read the first chapters of my book here to learn more about my story, telepathy, psychic abilities, the biology and physics of non-local consciousness, and more.

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